The company Artform offers a new trainingsgeraet to the Stretchen of
the feet.

Here the left to homepage von Artfom: www.artform

Mobile feet: The pro Arch was developed, in order to promote and
joint-stabilizing muscles strengthen the mobility of the foot joints
and the associated structures. With simple exercises the aspect ratio
and the diffraction of the foot as well as the training of the
Fussspanns are improved. The exercises also through-stretched knee
make it, for foot joint possible, to align knees and hip in a line one
on the other. In particular when the dance, doing gymnastics, swimming
or dipping high demands are made against the maximum stress of the
feet and jump joints. The pro Arch offers optimal possibilities by its
construction of training for the special loads and aesthetic
requirements more differently sporty activities. The pro Arch is a
valuable trainingsgeraet recognized of professional-haven-learns and
dancers and by experienced Therapeuten with the rehablitation of
patients is used.